General rules and regulations

General rules and regulations

The ticket (paper / electronic) of the passenger is a contract between the passenger and Iran Airtour. And buying a ticket means accepting all the rules and regulations of Iran Airtour by the buyer. This ticket is only valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

Passenger presence at the airport:

Passenger presence at the airport is required 2 hours before domestic flights, and 4 hours before international flights. If the passenger wants to buy a ticket for two consecutive flights of Iran Airtour, for all domestic flights he must have at least 3 hours and for international flights at least 8 hours between the arrival of the first flight to the destination and the departure of the second flight.

Iran Airtour Airlines is allowed not to sell tickets and carry passengers with documented misconduct on previous flights of this company and other airlines.

The ticket holder, being aware of the conditions stipulated in this ticket, waives the right of any claim more than what is explained within the contractual responsibilities of the carrier under any heading.

Iran Airtour and other domestic airlines:

Iran Airtour has withdrawn from the contract between the airlines and is not responsible for delays or cancellations of other airlines.

Iran Airtour Airlines can change the type of aircraft according to technical, operational or commercial restrictions, and if necessary, can use alternative aircraft of other airlines.

Conditions for correcting passenger information and changing the date on Iran Airtour flight tickets:

If the buyer has made a mistake in entering the passenger information, he can correct the passenger information online in the section (special requests >> information correction). Correction of national code and addition and subtraction of suffix and prefix of name or surname can be applied without penalty.

Correction in the letters of the name and surname can be applied in case of a general change of the name, with a fine of 20%.

To change the date of the ticket, the purchased ticket must be refunded and then a new ticket with a new price must be issued.

Terms and conditions of ticket purchase:

Ticket purchase operations on the website of Iran Airtour are subject to a set of rules and regulations of e-commerce and any violation will be prosecuted.

Passenger informations:

When booking a ticket, the passenger's name must be entered correctly in English and Persian letters and the national code (or passport number for foreign travelers) in full. The only way to communicate with passengers is to be informed by the contact phone number inserted at the time of purchase. In case of entering the wrong number or not answering the call, the responsibility will be with the buyer. (All online and offline travel agencies must enter the contact information of passengers, otherwise the sign of the wrong company will be closed in all sales systems of Iran Airtour and will be referred to the Civil Aviation Organization.)

Select age category:

Infant: (INF) Passenger aged between 20 days and 2 years. These passengers are without a seat or "NO SEAT" and are not given a seat on the plane.

Child: (CHD) Passenger aged 2 to 12 years old

Adult: (ADL) Traveler over 12 years of age.

The criterion for calculating the passenger age is the flight date.

If the buyer is not careful and enters the age category, the passenger will be prevented from boarding the plane. The child ticket rate will be equal to 75% of the net adult rate and the baby rate will be equal to 10% of the adult net rate.

Note: The baby ticket must be issued with the adult ticket, and if an adult passenger intends to accompany two baby passengers, according to the rules of Iran Airtour, one of the two babies is considered to have the right to reserve a child seat. Must pay 75% of the adult net rate.

Unaccompanied child travel (passengers between 7 and 12 years old), only with the condition of completing the unaccompanied child form at the airport and its signature by the guardian, the child's guardian and also by presenting a power of attorney by the guardian or guardian to a third party. If the child's flight route is round trip, due to the possibility of the guardian not being present at the destination, completing the relevant form for the child to return to the airport of origin and stamping Iran Airtour and the name of the sealing employee is required.

Ticket fee:

Purchasing tickets on the system flight sales website of Iran Airtour is only possible with bank cards that are members of the Shetab network. After making the payment and confirming it, the reservation and purchase will be finalized and the ticket information will be sent to the buyer via short message (SMS) or e-mail (Email).

Passenger identification documents:

The national passenger code must be entered correctly when booking. On foreign flights, the passenger passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the start of the trip. The passenger is responsible for the accuracy of the information and the validity of the visa and passport document on foreign flights. Accompanying identification documents such as national card (domestic flights), passport (on foreign flights) and visa (if required) are required to issue a flight card.

Delay of more than two hours or cancellation of the flight by Iran Airtour:

In case of delay of more than 2 hours or cancellation of the flight by Iran Airtour, which will be notified via SMS, if the passenger requests and cancels the flight, the buyer must proceed from the refund section of the website. Request a refund without penalty. After reviewing the request by the relevant unit, the ticket will be refunded.

Book consecutive tickets on Iran Airtour flights:

If the passenger wants to buy a ticket for two consecutive flights of Iran Airtour, for all domestic flights there must be at least 3 hours and for international flights at least 8 hours between the arrival of the first flight and the departure of the second flight, if not observed. This time interval when shopping online, the passenger will be responsible for any damages.

Contact with airport affairs:

Dear passengers, in case of any problem when referring to the reception counter of Iran Airtour to get a flight card, you can contact the airport affairs representative 0413120.


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